Why Hire Gaylord Popp? Our Client Testimonials Say It All

When it comes to success, our clients can speak for us. We proudly share what they have to say about our hard work and dedication to their central New Jersey workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, disability pension appeal, debt collection, and motor vehicle accident cases.

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Stewart Shaw, Trenton, NJ

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Sam Gaylord is one of the best lawyers to represent you no matter how difficult your case seems. He is very knowledgeable and determined in getting the best results for you. Great work!
The shock of dealing with an unexpected health crisis left me shaken and uncertain about my future, to say the least. After surviving some unfortunate circumstances and trying to re-enter the workforce, my health continued to decline. The denial of my extended sick leave prompted me to secure the services of Gaylord Popp. While coping with personal devastation and the stress of potential termination from my 18-year career, Sam provided the expert legal advice and calming guidance, which I sorely needed. I was able to focus on my rehabilitation while Sam handled the legal issues with my employer. After almost eight months of holding my breath, Sam was able to secure a positive result for me with my case. When your life hangs in the balance, do not settle for anything less than the best. Hire someone who will fight for your rights, someone who is dedicated to your best interests and someone who’s experience will give you a chance for the best possible outcome. For me, that person is Samuel Gaylord. Now that the process has been completed, I can begin to start rebuilding my life. My sincerest appreciation to Sam of Gaylord Popp, I have recommended you since my case has ended and will continue to recommend your services without reservation.
Len Gordon
 I had what should have been a straight forward case.  As a result of my employer, the city of trenton, failure to provide me the correct workers compensation benefits I hired Gaylord Popp, Sam Gaylord.  If i know of anyone who needs any type of legal help i will gladly recommend Gaylord Popp.  Sam Gaylord kept fighting, never gave up and i received all of my benefits.  God Bless
Stewart S. Trenton, NJ
Robbin C. Mercerville, New Jersey
Michael M. Hamilton, NJ
 Cory Ingram, Trenton, NJ talks about his experience with the firm and Sam Gaylord after settling his workers compensation case.
Cory Ingram
 Mr. Gaylord came highly recommended and he DID NOT disappoint! He is very professional, diligent and tenacious. However, what I appreciated most was Mr. Gaylord's patience. He actually took the time to explain the legal process to me every step of the way. I was also impressed with his knowledge of the law and his litigation skills ~ brilliant! Hiring Mr. Gaylord was the best decision. I am forever thankful for all the time, effort and hard work he put into WINNING my case!!!
Cheri W. Teaneck, NJ.
My sincere appreciation for your personal touch to my case.  Much regards, to all the staff who worked on my case, spoke with me by phone and in person.  You and your law firm show real professional appreciation to your clients.  I am so happy to have had you on my team!
G. Colter, Orange, New Jersey
Esteemed Messrs. Gaylord and Popp

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for your exemplary help as my legal representatives.

You took a difficult and politically motivated case and through your humanity, perseverance and professionalism helped me through difficult times and instilled in me a renewed faith in people.

It will be my pleasure and an honor to recommend your services to anyone who wishes to be represented with ethics and consideration for their client’s wishes and needs in a court of law.  Please consider me a friend and very satisfied client.

Furthermore, it is with no hesitation that I will reach out to family members and members of the community I represented in the Trenton area and throughout the state to utilize the services of Gaylord Popp.

Manuel Segura Trenton, New Jersey
I just wanted to thank you and your Law Firm for the excellent job you did on my work related injury case.

This career ending injury along with the denial of my Sick Leave Injury, Social Security and Accidental Pension benefits was devastating to me.

I was relieved after meeting with you because you were very professional and took the time to give me the legal advice I needed. You explained the process for each separate legal issue I had to address.  All me questions were answered thoroughly and each concern was addressed as it arose with your timely responses to my calls and e-mail.

As I was already dealing with post-surgical issues, doctors and financial concerns I was relieved you were there to deal with the legal issues.

Now that the litigation is complete, as we both know with positive results, I wanted to express my appreciation and make you aware I have already recommended you to several of my former co-workers and I will continue to recommend Gaylord Popp, LLC.

Robbin C. Mercerville, New Jersey

Throughout my case Mr. Gaylord kept me extremely well informed of all the decisions that where made concerning my case.  He was ready to help with advice, suggestions, always gave me quick replies and was always courteous.  I would not recommend any other lawyer to handle compensation and pension cases.

Josephine Viglietta, Lakewood, New Jersey

I want to thank you again for representation, professionalism and demeanor. Your winning my suite not only helped me but my family and I want you to know that you are appreciated and that we will recommend you everyone / anyone who needs legal help in with a workman's comp. complaint.

Jim Vincent Springstead

Sam is a class act and someone I would absolutely recommend.  Sam explained to me the process and would respond to my questions.  He gave me advice on what to do and provided realistic expectations for my work injury.  Sam is a class act and someone I would absolutely recommend should any of my friends or family need an attorney.

Maureen, Hamilton, NJ

I would recommend Gaylord Popp and Sam Gaylord to help anyone with a work related injury.  I was injured and not only did Sam help me through my claim the first time but he  was able to re-open my case and I received additional medical care and an additional award and I still have the right to come back in the future.  I can’t say enough good things about the way my matter was handled.

Kurt, Hamilton NJ