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Help for New Jersey Legal System Victims: Let Us Take Charge

At Gaylord Popp, LLC, we can help you with many common legal problems stemming from workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, disability pensions, debt collection, and personal injury cases from vehicle accidents. Our compassionate New Jersey legal experts have a proven success rate.

Visit our practice areas to learn more about your situation and to obtain insightful legal information.

Workers’ Compensation

It’s not easy making a living in today’s world, and when you’re injured on the job and have trouble with your workers’ compensation claim, it can put your family into a precarious situation.

From lost wages to medical bills and delays in paperwork, most people cannot afford to maintain their families’ needs if something goes wrong. For this reason you need an experienced Trenton workers’ compensation attorney to guide you through a daunting case. The team at Gaylord Popp offers valuable information that can help protect your rights and attain the compensation you deserve.

Social Security Disability

Too many disabled Americans who need and deserve Social Security disability benefits do not receive them. This can happen for many reasons, but often it is simply a matter of not having the knowledge or skills to complete the seemingly impossible steps required by the Social Security Disability Program. Our New Jersey SSA disability legal team can help you to get and keep the maximum amount of benefits and back pay you have coming to you. Find out how Gaylord Popp can uphold your legal rights and get the bills paid.

Disability Pension Appeal

State, county, and municipal workers are all part of New Jersey’s Division of Pensions and Benefits. This organization regulates and oversees all public pension programs in the state. Most state workers assume that they will be taken care of if they become disabled and seek disability pension funds.

Unfortunately, many honest people fall victim to unfair denials. Our Trenton law firm protects the rights of these victims and handles the appeals process with care and expertise.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The daily news reports of New Jersey motor vehicle accidents are constantly bombarding us. In fact, just about every adult has experienced at least one crash in his or her lifetime. A Trenton motor vehicle accident legal team helps the victims of roadway negligence to deal with the often-tragic results of these crashes. Find out what you should do if you or a loved one is injured, or worse, in a New Jersey road accident.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Gaylord Popp, LLC, represents clients who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others. Whether your injury is the result of a car accident, a work-related accident, or a construction accident, we provide tough and aggressive representation aimed at moving your case forward and obtaining full compensation for your injuries.

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