“Can I Afford an Attorney Following an Accident, and How Will I Pay?”

Considering the expenses that can follow the unfortunate event of an accident or injury, it may not seem like the most convenient time to invest your money in hiring an attorney.  Fortunately, in New Jersey lawyers have a responsibility to potential clients to offer choices of payment options from which a client can select based on convenience.

Most often, clients choose to pay on a “contingency fee agreement”.

This means you do not pay any money up front, and you do not pay by the hour.  Instead, you would pay the attorney in the event the attorney is successful in recovering money for you, and the percentage is set by the Supreme Court.

Some clients do choose to pay based on an hourly rate, and other clients elect to pay based on a “mixed fee agreement”, which is a combination of an hourly rate agreement and a contingency fee agreement.  With this choice, whatever fee you pay at an hourly rate is credited toward the ultimate contingency fee payment.

It is important to note that costs such as obtaining medical records, filing complaints, having doctors testify, mailing fees, and similar expenses are always paid for by the client, and your attorney will always give you the choice whether or not to pursue these options.  Some of these costs can be extraordinary in certain cases, so it is important to be aware that you will be responsible for these.

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