New Jersey Public Employees Injured on the Job May Be Missing Pension Contributions from their Employers

Public employees, such as teachers, police and firemen, who have been injured while working and have missed time may not have had their pension contributions made for them by their employer.

Have you ever checked your pension contributions?  There is an ongoing interaction between workers’ compensation and the division of pensions and benefits in the State of New Jersey for any public employee, teacher or police and fireman.  If you have sustained an injury while in the course of your employment you have received workers’ compensation benefits.  Specifically, you have 1) received medical treatment by an authorized doctor; 2) been paid temproary disability benefits if you missed work; and 3) received an award through workers’ compensation if you sustained an injury as a result of your work accident.

What you may not be aware of is that any member of the retirement system who receives periodic benefits payable under workers’ compensation, while you are in the course of your active service, MUST have their employer pay the pension contribution to the retirement system. It is the law!  The New Jersey Pension statute, the New Jersey Supreme Court and the Division of Pensions and Benefits all state the employer MUST make the payment.  If you have missed time from work or received an award or even worse know someone who has not been able to return to work because of a work accident it is critical that you contact the division of pensions and benefits to determine whether or not these contributions were made.  The Division of Pensions through the Member Service Online System (MBOS) will provide the information OR you can request a printout out of any time which you have in the pension system which will show whether there are any gaps in contribuitions.  If a gap exists you should cross-reference that with the period of time you were out on workers’ compensation, and if it appears the employer did not make their pension contributions you can contact the Pensions and request that they collect your contribution for you.  If you have any questions regarding workers compensation, disability pensions or social security disabiltiy please pick up the phone and call 855-850-7856 or e-mail me at