What to Expect in a NJ Social Security Disability Hearing

https://www.gaylordpopp.com/ Are you wondering what happens at a New Jersey Social Security disability hearing?  Many people are nervous about going in front of a judge and would like to know what they will encounter at the hearing, which is why a New Jersey Social Security disability attorney explains in this video what you can expect at this type of hearing.

Instead of this hearing being mistaken for a formal court appearance, claimants need to know that this is an informal hearing for a judge to assess your credibility. Generally there is a judge, a vocational expert, medical expert, and someone recording the hearing. Prior to this New Jersey Social Security disability hearing, the judge reviews your claim and is aware of your medical issues. It is important to know this because you don’t want to spend the entire time regurgitating your medical problems. Instead, you should focus on how your medical problems have affected your ability to work full time on a daily basis.

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