What Is Your NJ Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

https://www.gaylordpopp.com/ Are you looking to find out what your Trenton workers’ compensation claim is worth? You are not alone; most people who come into our office want to know what their case is worth. Find out here in this video how a case’s value is determined.

Upon an initial consultation, it is almost impossible to tell you what your case is worth because workers’ comp claims in New Jersey are determined after an injured worker has completed medical care. This means that an award is assigned once the final outcome is known. Upon completion of medical treatment, our law firm would obtain your medical records and send you to get an evaluation from our own expert. Once we have this information, we can give you a much better idea of what your workers’ comp case is worth, and we can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive the benefits that you deserve.

Whether you have injured your arm, leg, hand, or foot at work, you have rights to workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey. Call experienced Trenton workers’ compensation attorney Samuel M. Gaylord at Gaylord Popp, LLC, today at 888-716-8086 or 609-771-8611for a free, no-obligation consultation. https://www.gaylordpopp.com/