Was Your NJ Disability Pension Claim Denied? Help Is Here

Have you been injured at work in New Jersey or outside of work, and that injury is preventing you from working? If you are a public employee who works for the state, municipality, township, or police or fire departments, you may be entitled to apply for the disability pension in New Jersey. Unfortunately, claims often get denied, and a Trenton attorney can help you understand why. Watch this video to learn more.

You should receive the disability pension benefits if you have enough years in the system or if you have been injured at work, which is an automatic eligibility. However, the pension boards often deny people the accidental disability pension they deserve. If you received a denial letter or if were granted the ordinary disability pension instead of the accidental disability pension, you do not have to accept this answer. You can appeal this unfair decision within 45 days, and the experienced New Jersey disability pension appeal attorneys at Gaylord Popp can help you.

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