Understanding Insurance in the Event of an Accident

https://www.gaylordpopp.com/ Many people have been seriously injured in New Jersey car accidents and left with medical bills because the person who hit them did not have insurance or only had the minimum coverage. A Trenton accident attorney wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to you and that you are properly insured. Watch this video to learn more about motor vehicle insurance coverage.

Do you know if you have enough insurance or what underinsured and uninsured insurance coverage is? Insurance coverage is often misunderstood because insurance agents are not that helpful in advising people about coverage. In the event of a New Jersey motor vehicle accident and injury, it is important to have a non-verbal threshold policy. Having a non-verbal policy will allow you to file a suit if needed. Additionally, you will want to have underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage in case you are in a crash with a hit-and-run driver, a driver without insurance, or a driver who only has the minimum coverage of $15,000.

When motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey occur, people are often left with serious injuries, multiple surgeries, and expensive medical bills. For this reason, make sure you have the correct insurance coverage. If you need help accessing your maximum benefits, call an experienced New Jersey motor vehicle accident lawyer at Gaylord Popp at 888-716-8086 or 609-771-8611 for a free consultation or contact us online athttps://www.gaylordpopp.com/contact.cfm.