Returning to Work While Receiving NJ SSDI Benefits Were you forced to leave your job due to your injury or your medical condition? You may be receiving Social Security disability benefits in New Jersey and are considering returning to work. Find out here in this video what you need to know about attempting to return to work.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) allows people to attempt to return to the work force. If you have received medical treatment and have gotten physically healthier, you may want to see if you can return to full-time employment. However, you may be reluctant because you don’t know if your health can endure full-time work, if you will be successful or unsuccessful in your efforts, or how the SSA will react to an unsuccessful work attempt. You will be relieved to know that the SSA will not penalize you for trying to return to work, and you could still be able to receive New Jersey Social Security disability benefits.

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