No New Jersey Workers’ Comp Claim Is Too Small Are you wondering if you have a workers’ compensation claim that a New Jersey workers’ comp attorney would take? By watching this video, you can see how a lawyer can help you even with the smallest of claims.

Trenton workers’ compensation lawyer Samuel M. Gaylord represented a female injured worker in her workers’ comp matter over an unpaid $50 bill. Our client worked for a company for over 25 years on the assembly line, where she developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Her company provided her with medical treatment and surgery; however, the insurance company continued to send her an unpaid $50 bill, which she continued to send to her employer. After the bill went to collections, she came into our office for representation.

Our New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers not only got her bill paid but secured an additional $12,000 for her injuries, and we may be able to help you in a similar manner. If you have been hurt on the job, call Gaylord Popp, LLC, at 888-716-8086 or 609-771-8611 for a free legal consultation today.