How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Attorney Cost? Many injured workers pursue their own workers’ comp claims because they are afraid that hiring a New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney will cost them too much money. Find out here in this video how much attorneys charge for their services.

Injured workers benefit under the New Jersey workers’ comp system because it is a contingency fee system, which means that attorneys cannot charge a cent unless a recovery is made. When the case is resolved, an attorney’s fee is based on that recovery. This fee is 20 percent of the recovery, which is typically split between the injured worker and the insurance company.

Although you may think you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you cannot afford not to. Experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys understand the complex system and can get you your full benefits. Call an experienced Trenton workers’ compensation lawyer to get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve at 888-716-8086 or 609-771-8611 or contact us online.