Denied Benefits? A Disability Litigator Can Help

When you have been injured on the job, you count on your workers’ comp, Social Security disability, or accidental disability pension benefits in New Jersey to come through for you. However, what if you are unfairly denied these benefits? Watch this video to find out how a disability litigator can help you.

New Jersey disability attorney Samuel M. Gaylord has represented injured workers for over 16 years and also handles disability pension appeals for public employees, policemen, firefighters, and teachers. Dealing with workers’ compensation, Social Security disability benefits, and accidental disability pensions, Samuel Gaylord provides his clients with an advantage because of his well-rounded experience. He is able to see how all three areas of law interact and get the best recovery for his clients.

For help with your appeal after being denied workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, or accidental disability pension in New Jersey, call Gaylord Popp, LLC, a Central New Jersey disability law firm, today at 855-850-7856 or 609-246-0668 for a free consultation.