Are All Medical Bills Covered Under NJ Workers’ Comp? If you have been injured at work, you may know by now that medical care and treatment can be very expensive. From the initial emergency room visit and tests to doctor’s appointments and even surgery, medical bills pile up fast. Find out here in this video if all your medical expenses will be covered under the New Jersey workers’ compensation program.

The New Jersey workers’ compensation system automatically provides injured workers with medical treatment. In fact, the insurance company will inform you which doctor to work with. As long as you see the doctor the insurance company recommends and follow through on the recommended medical care, your medical bills should be paid for by the insurance company. However, sometimes, the initial ER visit and tests such as an MRI or x-ray fall through the cracks. An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer can speak to the provider and insurance company on your behalf to get your medical bills taken care of.

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