Explaining a Section 20 Claim Resolution for Your Injury on the Job in New Jersey

Two types of settlements may result in a workers’ compensation class. One involves all treatment being provided by the workers’ comp insurance company, along with their willingness to pay a percentage of disability based on your functional loss sustained in the accident.

The other kind of settlement that can result is a Section 20. This type involves a lump sum payment and the full and final dismissal of your claim. You would receive a specific amount of money all at once, and the case is then over. Section 20 settlements often result as a compromise of the two parties because it may be difficult to prove the causal link between the accident at work and the condition suffered by the claimant.

There is risk associated with a Section 20 claim resolution because pursuing a trial could result in you receiving more, less, or an equal amount. It could also even result in you receiving nothing, though that is rare and depends on the judge finding the injury not compensable. Section 20 resolutions make sense when both sides have difficulty proving their claim in court. Watch the video to learn more.

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