Receive Benefit Payments While Receiving Medical Treatment on Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp can pay you while you are receiving medical treatment through temporary disability benefits. These payments are 70% of your gross weekly wage, and the doctor providing the treatment in coordination with the workers’ compensation insurance company must have taken you out of work for seven or more days.

Upon approval, you would soon begin receiving benefit payments from Workers’ Compensation on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule until you reach MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement), which essentially means the doctor determines you can’t improve your condition further from continued treatment. A second reason the benefits would end is if the doctor decides you can return to work with temporary restrictions and your employer accommodates those restrictions.

You should speak with an attorney if you have been injured on the job. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have been injured in the course of your employment and you have additional questions, call us at 609-771-8611. I welcome your call. Review our media library on our website at to learn more about Disability Pensions.

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