Police Officers Must Remain Alert During Traffic Stops

A police officer who is injured while in the scope and course of their employment while performing a traffic stop will be entitled to workers compensation benefits.  Workers compensation in New Jersey allows an injured officer to receive medical care, get paid when out of work and receive an award based on the injury.  In addition, if the officer is hurt as a result of, for example, getting hit by an ongoing car may also be entitled to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.  This would be a lawsuit against the tortfeasor who hit the officer and or your insurance if the car fails to stop and the situation winds up as a hit and run.

In addition, if, as a result of the traumatic event, the officer is not able to return to the job they would be entitled to apply for an accidental disability pension and would also be able to apply for Social Security Disability only if the officer had FICA deductions taken from their check while they were working.  If they did have those deductions from their check and were out of work for at least 6 moths and they were going to be out of work for at least 12 months would be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability.

No matter the claims that someone may be eligible it is even more important that the person be aware of what they can receive and most importantly be aware that there is an interaction amongst all of these benefits.  It is absolutley critical to secure representation which is not only aware of all of the possible claims but has the unique knowledge of how all of these interact with each other.