Ten Common Causes of Serious New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accidents

How and Why Many Serious New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen

Most of us are no strangers to the daily mayhem on our roadways. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are all involved in serious New Jersey motor vehicle crashes every day. There are many causes for this daily destruction and understanding these causes may help to save lives.

Suffering an injury, or worse, can cause much damage including physical trauma, emotional pain, financial hardship, and loss of property. As New Jersey motor vehicle accident attorneys, we see these damages every day.

Here are ten of the top causes of vehicle collisions:

  1. Distracted Driving – Recently, the use of cell phones while driving has been in the news as a major cause of accidents. However, there are many other distractions that cause vehicles to collide. How many of us have taken our attention away from the road to change the radio station, adjust the climate controls, eat, drink, or correct the kids in the back seat?
  2. Driving While Impaired – Even though we all know the effects of certain legal and illegal drugs or drinking while behind the wheel, driving while impaired remains a major cause of injury and death on our roads.
  3. Reckless Driving – Some drivers see their time on the road as a competition. Speeding, improper lane changes, tailgating, and racing all lead to needless pain.
  4. Fatigue – Driving while tired has caused many accidents. In the case of long haul truckers and vacationers trying to make the next city, exhaustion often sets in. Many accidents happen when a driver falls asleep at the wheel.
  5. Bad Weather Conditions – Snow, sleet, rain, and hail may not stop the Post Office, but as drivers, we tend to “brave” these conditions to get where we want to go. When the roads get slick or the visibility poor, many drivers end up wishing they had just stayed home.
  6. Red Light and Stop Sign Runners – Intersections that have either stop signs or traffic lights are very common scenes for accidents. Tragic things can happen when drivers ignore the simple fact that red means stop.
  7. Mechanical Defects – Defects in vehicle design, like the well-publicized Ford Explorer rollovers and Toyota acceleration problems, can happen no matter how careful manufacturers are. In addition, manufacturing defects in tires, brakes, and so many more of the thousands of vehicle parts also cause accidents.
  8. Aggressive Driving – Sometimes reckless drivers cross the line into the aggressive category. Known by some as road rage, these drivers actually use their cars as weapons against other drivers.
  9. Poorly Maintained Roads – Especially dangerous for motorcycles. Potholes, lack of traffic signs, and worn out lane paint can all spell disaster.
  10. Improper Turns – Turning on a red light, failing to signal, failing to yield the right-of-way and failure to yield to pedestrians or other traffic are all hazards of turning.

Whether you are a seasoned driver or just starting out, it is important to be aware of these New Jersey highway dangers. And, if you are injured as a result of one of them, you should consult an attorney.

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