Stop the Abuse: Fight Illegal New Jersey Fair Debt Collection Tactics

Protect Your Rights: Fighting Illegal New Jersey Debt Collection Practices

In today’s economy, debt has become a huge burden for many New Jersey families. In fact, it may even resemble a nightmare for those who become the victims of debt collection harassment.

There are two important things that you can do when facing unfair debt collectors. First is to understand your legal rights, and second is to fight back.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is legislation that was enacted by Congress to do just that. You do not have to endure the sometimes-inhuman treatment that debt collectors can inflict on you. At Gaylord Popp in Trenton, we urge you to report any and all illegal New Jersey fair debt collection practices.

How to Fight Back – Dealing with FDPCA Violations

  • Order them to stop. You have the right to tell any collection agency to stop contacting you. Under the protections of the FDPCA, you can send a letter demanding that the agency immediately end all communications with you. Once this is done, the agency can no longer contact you except to inform you that a legal action is pending or that their efforts to collect the debt have ended.
  • Keep track of communications. From the first time a debt collector contacts you, you should keep good records of all written, electronic, and phone communications, especially if you suspect wrongdoing.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees all collection agency procedures in the United States. This is the first place you can go for help. Write a letter that explains your concerns and send it to:

Federal Trade Commission
One Bowling Green, Ste. 318
New York, NY 10004
You can also file your complaint online by clicking here.

Be sure to include the name and contact information of the agency you are complaining about and submit             documentation to support the violations. This could include days and times of phone calls, letters,         witnesses and tape recordings of phone calls.

  • Send a copy of your complaint to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. The address is:
    Attorney General’s Office

Division of Consumer Affairs
124 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07101
Phone: 973-504-6200

  • Send a copy of your complaint to the creditor and the collection agency. Sometimes this simple step will convince these parties to drop the debt in order to protect their liability. This is, of course, a desired outcome.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Sometimes the abuse is so flagrant and upsetting that you just want someone to take over and make it go away. Let the skilled legal team at Gaylord Popp help. Serving clients throughout Central New Jersey, we can answer your questions, guide you, and even file a suit on your behalf if necessary. Call us today toll free at 888-716-8086.