On My Way To Court: Attending a City of Trenton Employee Disciplinary Hearing

This morning, August 4, 2014, I attended a disciplinary hearing for a City of Trenton employee. I enjoy these types of disciplinary matters because I get an opportunity to really sit and discuss with the administration what is going on and help workers who are being written up for some disciplinary matter. Some of these are appropriate and some are not. Being able to help resolve these matters is a fun exercise. As I was headed to the disciplinary matter this morning, I used my time to return a few phone calls from the weekend and to listen to some news programs which I had been wanting to hear. I also used my time in the car to learn Spanish to better communicate with my Spanish-speaking clients. Today was a productive drive and tomorrow I’m looking forward to going back to workers’ compensation court. Stayed tuned for the next edition of On My Way to Court by ‘liking” Gaylord Popp’s Facebook page.