New Jersey Chiropractor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Soliciting Auto Accident Victims

Many victims of auto accidents seek help from chiropractors to deal with their resulting back problems. However, this common practice can sometimes be procured by illegal means. A Central New Jersey chiropractor has pleaded guilty to fraudulently receiving upwards of $650,000 dollars by utilizing “runners” to recruit motor vehicle accident victims, which is illegal under New Jersey law.

A “runner” is a term for a person who obtains a patient or client for a healthcare professional or attorney in exchange for an economic benefit. The healthcare professional or attorney then asserts claims against the insured individual or the insurance carrier for the services they provided to the patient or client. New Jersey has a law against this practice and makes it a criminal offense to act as a runner or to use, direct, or employ a runner. This practice has caused certain law firms to acquire their “street reputations” but is one that was long overdue to be eliminated as best as possible.

The chiropractor, fifty-three-year-old Scott Greenberg, is the owner of the Central Jersey Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centres, which has locations throughout North and Central Jersey.  According to an investigation by the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, Greenberg paid runners $100,000 to refer and solicit approximately 164 patients, who were victims of car accidents, to his business.  Further, Greenberg was reimbursed a total of $655,000 from numerous insurance companies for the services he provided to these motor vehicle accident victims. Greenberg is currently facing an eight-year prison sentence for his violation of New Jersey’s “anti-running statute.”

The practice of “running” can be detrimental to the patients and clients who use the services of the healthcare professional or attorney. The quality of the care provided may be compromised due to the unnatural flood of patients and clients. Using a runner to seek out patients and clients right after an automobile accident, while they are at their most vulnerable and in no position to make proper healthcare or legal decisions, is also considered highly unethical and is a practice which has caused certain law firms to acquire their street reputations.

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