Maximize Your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Rights

As Trenton workers’ compensation attorneys, we see too many instances of employers and/or their insurance companies trying to save money by not taking care of their employees. And, in doing so, employees sometimes suffer reductions or violations of their basic rights.

In order to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits you are entitled to in a workers’ compensation claim, you need to educate and protect yourself. If injured on the job you should:

  • Report any work-related injury as soon as possible to your employer – This does not have to be in writing, but should be made to someone in a position of authority, for example a supervisor or the personnel office.
  • Get approval right away – If you need medical attention that is not an emergency situation, you will want to notify your employer of your intent for medical treatment.  Your employer may offer a number of physicians you can see.
  • Choose a physician and begin getting treatment – This doctor and the treatment you receive will be vital to a compensation claim. Be sure to keep records of all doctor and therapeutic visits, medications, and other treatments for your medical condition.

If you follow these steps, you should be getting the medical attention and financial benefits you need. However, sometimes even when you do everything you are supposed to, things don’t work out the way you thought they would.

Ways Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Can Go Wrong

Like some things in life, your workers’ compensation claim can go wrong in many different ways. Here are just a few:

  • Your employer has ignored New Jersey law and does not have a workers’ compensation insurer. It is your right to report any uninsured employer.
  • Your employer neglects to file your paperwork with the state of New Jersey and it is delayed.
  • You are out of work more than seven days, but do not receive temporary disability benefits.
  • The physician you are sent to is not actually authorized by the employer.
  • You are terminated or discriminated against when you make your claim. This violates the law.

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