Insurance Company Wants You to See Another Doctor

You’ve been receiving treatment with your own doctor after your worker’s compensation accident, and you’re very happy with them. But for some reason, the insurance company wants you see another doctor. Why?

The insurance company does not want to payout on any injury in which you are misdiagnosed or treated improperly.

They want to verify (or deny) your claim by you seeing their own doctor.

The insurance company may send you to an occupational health expert or a specialist, and this is called an ‘insurer exam.’ The insurance company is looking to prove that your injuries are not as severe as you’re making them out to be. They have a right to examine you themselves and make their own diagnosis. This is all done in an effort to get the insurance company to pay out less for your claim.

The insurance company will have a lot of requirements to meet in order for you to see their doctor.

They must provide you with transportation to the doctor so that it is of no cost to you. The exam also must be done in a setting that is reasonably close to your home. They must make an effort to schedule the examination for a day and a time that works for you. The insurance company also has the rights to look at your medical records and offer them up to their own doctor to review as well.

It is very possible to not like the doctor the insurance company asked you to go to. A strange doctor that isn’t the one you see regularly? Of course you may be upset and even unwilling to go. But the reality is that this is a necessary component of your lawsuit. It is just one more step in the litigation process that is going to allow you to receive compensation for your injuries.

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