Why am I receiving a medical bill? Shouldn’t my medical bills be covered by workers compensation?

Yes.  Medical bills of an authorized treating physician should be covered by the workers compensaiton insurance company.  The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statute is a no fault system.  Historically, the injured worker gave up the right to sue the employer in exchange for immediate benefits upon sustaining injury while in the course of their employment.  Medical treatment for admitted work related injuries are paid for by the workers’ compensation carrier.  These payments include, but are not limited to, emergency room visits, x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, physical therapy, and if necessary, surgery.  You may be receiving a bill because the carrier may have only paid for the ER visit but not the tests or the carrier may have a contract with the medical provider and the doctor may be trying to get more.  Bills must be submitted to the carrier, and if still not paid an injured worker should find an attorney who specializes and/or who is certified as a workers’ compensation law attorney in the State of New Jersey so it can be dealt with immediately in order to avoid any collection or credit issues.