Who is eligible for New Jersey Social Security disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays benefits to individuals who have a medical condition that will last (or has lasted) at least one year, or will result in death. These individuals must have worked long enough under Social Security to receive disability insurance or be in dire financial need to receive supplemental security income (SSI).

The SSA disability program uses a combination of your age and the number of years you worked to determine if you are eligible. For instance, if you become disabled before age 28, you generally need to have worked for 1.5 years. If the disability occurs at age 60, your work should have lasted at least 9.5 years.

If you have reached a retirement age of 62, the SSA will then simply set up your regular Social Security retirement benefits.

In some cases, certain members of your family may also be eligible to receive SSA disability benefits. For example, your husband or wife might qualify if he or she is caring for your child who is age 16 or younger. Your children may also qualify to receive benefits on your record.

If you have a child who is disabled or if an adult has been disabled since childhood, he or she might also receive benefits on your earnings record.

Disabled children from birth to age 18 may qualify for SSI. Children over the age of 18 who have become disabled before the age of 22 could also qualify for benefits on the parents’ earnings record.

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