How are workers’ compensation awards determined in New Jersey?

Have you wondered how the value of your workers’ compensation case is determined? In New Jersey, the value of your case is determined by way of permanency evaluations, and the process involved includes the input of doctors and the court.

After your lawyer receives copies of all your medical records, he forwards them to a doctor who renders an expert opinion on the value of your case. Meanwhile, the insurance company is doing the same process with their doctor. Your attorney then goes to court to conference with the workers’ compensation judge and the insurance company’s attorney. The workers’ compensation judge is the person who decides the value of the case based on the doctors’ analysis of your level of disability.

In New Jersey, reference is made to a chart that divides the body into parts along the top and percentages of disability on the side. If you cross-reference the body part and percentage of disability, you find a dollar amount that is the value of that disability in New Jersey.

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