“Do I Really Need an Attorney?”

After an accident, you may be confused as to how to begin the personal injury lawsuit process, and you’re wondering whether or not you really need an attorney.

You may have heard that an attorney may delay your case or hurt your lawsuit. On top of all that, your attorney takes a large percentage fee off the money you deserve as compensation.

However, what you need to know is that the process to receive that compensation is not something that is so easily done.

An experienced attorney understands every aspect of the litigation process and is an advocate for your rights as an injured victim. Your attorney’s job is to take on all the stress and hardship of the case and allow you to only work on getting back to health.

The litigation process begins with gathering all the necessary information in order to file your case.

This includes talking to doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies so they can get your records. Oftentimes, this can be a difficult task, as sometimes people associated to an accident can be hard to work with. They may not give up information easily and may need to be forced by your attorney to comply.

Your attorney is there to protect your interest. You may be approached by the insurance company, the other driver, or even a doctor associated with your accident case. It’s important to not discuss anything about your case with them without your attorney present. They will make every attempt to dissuade you from suing or settle your case for a much lower amount of compensation than you deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney will protect your interests and can benefit you in many ways, allowing you to pursue the best possible outcome in your personal injury matter.

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