What To Do If You Are Denied Social Security Benefits

Your Social Security Disability claim was denied. You received a denial letter. However, your condition prevents you from being able to work. Now you’re wondering what to do next.

You have 60 days following that denial letter to request reconsideration, and that request usually takes about 6 months to result in a response from Social Security. It is very likely that you’ll receive a second denial at that time. You will then have another 60 days to file an appeal. That is when we request a hearing date.

During the appeals process, we will gather and submit your medical records to Social Security, and their analysts will review them to determine if you are disabled while the appeal is pending. If you are not found to be disabled by these analysts, you will have to appear at a hearing. The hearing usually takes place about 2 years following the request, and during this time we will continue to update your medical treatment status. We’ll include medical and pharmacy records, doctor letters, and other items to note how your condition has worsened and is preventing you from working. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have a Social Security Disability claim or you have been denied benefits, call us at 609-771-8611. I welcome your call. Review our media library on our website at http://www.GaylordPopp.com to learn more about Social Security Disability.

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