Dealing With Emotional Damage in a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have ever had a serious New Jersey motor vehicle accident, the first concern is to treat the physical injuries of yourself and your passengers. But once your physical injuries are cared for, another, less obvious kind of injury may become apparent.

Many traffic crash victims find themselves facing mental and emotional injuries that can affect them far beyond the time it takes to physically heal. As Trenton motor vehicle accident attorneys, we understand the devastating mental effects of a trauma.

There are two basic types of emotional and mental injuries.

Being involved in a serious accident can leave scars that last. Generally referred to as “pain and suffering” in the legal system, this type of damage can include:

  • Milder emotional reactions like anger, fear, anxiety, and shock. It is not unusual for motor vehicle victims to experience problems with eating, sleeping, anger management, uncontrolled mood swings and periods of intense crying and sadness.
  • More severe mental disturbances can include specific, ongoing psychological problems. One of these is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can interfere with your life on every level, making daily life, as you once knew it, impossible. PTSD sufferers may become so fearful that they cannot function normally.

Unfortunately, even though mental disorders can be so disabling, many insurance companies and even juries do not take them seriously enough. The amount of damages you are awarded in a claim can be much less than you actually deserve.

For this reason, you may want to contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney who can help you decide what is fair in your case and help you pursue an equitable settlement.

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