Explaining 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Accidental Disability Pension Was Denied

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There are 5 main reasons why your accidental disability pension could have been denied: The board does not perceive your injury to constitute total and permanent disability. The opinions of the board’s doctors would have influenced this view. The board does not perceive your injury to have directly resulted from the specific accident that you… Read more »

Know What to Expect at Your Disability Pension Trial

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After your application for disability pension was denied, you were told you will have a trial at the Office of Administrative Law. While this may evoke visions of late-night TV dramas with juries and audiences, you should know that the disability pension denial trial is much more informal. The only people at the trial will… Read more »

Determining Whether You Can Receive Additional Benefits After Your Workers’ Compensation Has Ended

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Whether you are able to receive additional benefits beyond the end of your workers’ compensation depends on how your case originally settled. If it closed with an order approving settlement or a percentage of disability, then you can reopen your case within two years of receiving a final benefit. In contrast, you will not be… Read more »

Receive Benefit Payments While Receiving Medical Treatment on Workers’ Comp

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Workers’ comp can pay you while you are receiving medical treatment through temporary disability benefits. These payments are 70% of your gross weekly wage, and the doctor providing the treatment in coordination with the workers’ compensation insurance company must have taken you out of work for seven or more days. Upon approval, you would soon… Read more »