The Legal Market During The COVID Shutdown – Challenges & Opportunities

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Our very own Sam Gaylord, Esq. was invited to participate in Alfonso Gambone’s latest podcast episode. Together along with Greg LaMonaca, Esq. and Stuart Carpey, Esq., they discuss how the COVID shutdown will challenge law firms but also present opportunities. Find out more about each lawyer below. Alfonso Gambone, Esq. (215) 755-9000 Gregory P…. Read more »

Explaining What You Can Do After Rejecting an Offer to Settle in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

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You have rejected the first settlement offer after you were evaluated by doctors for an injury you suffered while at work.  Your attorney will then attempt to renegotiate the settlement with the insurance company in court.  The insurance company may or may not agree to another settlement amount, and the judge may provide input in… Read more »

Explaining a Section 20 Claim Resolution for Your Injury on the Job in New Jersey

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Two types of settlements may result in a workers’ compensation class. One involves all treatment being provided by the workers’ comp insurance company, along with their willingness to pay a percentage of disability based on your functional loss sustained in the accident. The other kind of settlement that can result is a Section 20. This… Read more »

Explaining Whether Your Ordinary Disability Pension Will Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Case

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If you have been approved for an ordinary disability pension, it may affect your workers’ compensation case. This will be true if the conditions listed in your disability pension are the same as in your workers’ comp claim. The overlap of the times for your disability pension and your workers’ comp claim will result in… Read more »

Explaining What To Do After Your Social Security Disability Appeal has been Filed

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You have filed your social security disability appeal. Now what? Your main focus regarding your appeal should now be to continue your medical treatment while advising your attorney of any new treatment, new doctors, or new diagnoses. Also, notify us of any changes in your condition. We will continue securing your medical records and submitting them… Read more »