Condominium Association Law

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Condominium Association Law

RECOVERING ASSOCIATION DUES FROM THE DELINQUENT UNIT OWNER Are you a board member of a community association or property manager of a community association? Have you noticed that there’s a difficulty in collecting outstanding dues from unit owners? If any of these items are true or properly describe your community association, there are a multitude… Read more »

Can I Receive Social Security Disability and Unemployment?

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Social Security Disability and Unemployment

You have been injured, and you can’t work.  You’re waiting for Social Security disability benefits, but the process takes a long time.  You need income now, and you are wondering if applying for unemployment benefits would be at least a temporary solution.  Unfortunately, this is usually not a viable option. The main problem with this… Read more »

“Do I Really Need an Attorney?”

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Need an Attorney

After an accident, you may be confused as to how to begin the personal injury lawsuit process, and you’re wondering whether or not you really need an attorney. You may have heard that an attorney may delay your case or hurt your lawsuit. On top of all that, your attorney takes a large percentage fee… Read more »

Customer service part 2

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In July I told you the story of Forever 21 versus the Garage and Rachel’s, or should I say my, shopping experience.  More recently, I attended a business conference and wound up getting stuck as a result of mechanical difficulties.  12 hours stuck.  What I found interesting was the original attendant at the airlines didn’t know… Read more »